About Us

PlaceGuides provides integration of location and marketing with capabilities to drive the right message at the right time to the right visitors.

Our Mission

PlaceGuides supports the growing trend of location marketing – bringing customers closer to brands, assets, and products in the real world. Here’s what’s in our DNA:

PlaceGuides mission is to enable user-created, content-rich depictions of place capable of sharing through social media.

We value using technology to enable deeper connections to community, place, and culture in the physical world. Our goal is a human dialog and relationship with place.

A Passion for Place

Our business is inextricably linked to both local neighborhoods and the larger global communities that our customers represent.

We appreciate and celebrate the distinctive nature of locations and brands as well as the experience that a consumer has interfacing with them. Experiences in location create a sense of place and a deeper brand connection.

Each location represents an area with a unique set of values, distinct flavor and particular flair. We see it as our responsibility to work with customers to harness these intrinsic elements and integrate them seamlessly with the platform and across their global brand.

A Powerful, Easy to Use Platform

PlaceGuides provides a simple solution for location-based marketing and encourages amazing location experiences by being:


Easy to use. PlaceGuides are fast and easy to create, and intuitive for visitors to engage with.


Media integrated. The platform delivers visual, media-rich content in a compelling way.


Mobile enabled. Customers can brand their own Mobile PlaceGuides player and drive push-actions in the real world.


Web embedded. A multimedia PlaceGuides experience can be easily embedded into your existing site to engage visitors for longer.


Linked to Marketing CRM Link web and email marketing to the embeded PlaceGuides that drives immediate location experience.


Socially sharable. PlaceGuides gives its customers and visitors numerous means to share the experience socially.


Our Customers

Our customers and their users are the lifeblood of our business. Who are they?

PlaceGuides’ customers are retail stores, brands, commercial real estate, and experiential agencies seeking to expand their reach, increase engagement, and drive visitors to their real world assets.

The Value We Bring

We offer value to our customers by providing them with a high quality, location-based marketing platform, extraordinary services and responsible pricing. We continuously expand this value proposition for our customers.


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