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Media integration, intuitively done. Our dynamic open platform intuitively delivers media-rich experiences, combining video, image, sound, mapping and text features in one place. Integrate content from cloud channels or upload your own, then simply click to embed online, upload to mobile or share socially.
Mobile marketing for real-world engagement. Brand your own mobile PlaceGuides player and drive push-actions with our platform’s mobile geo-triggers. Get leads to connect in real-time in the real-world, and track activation, sign-up, downloads and app usage.
Automate marketing, generate leads. PlaceGuides offers a marketing solution that combines content with data intelligence to automate marketing efforts and generate leads. Our unique SEO drives searches directly to the PlaceGuide embeded on your website, social sharing enables increases reach, big data leads to conversion.
Dynamic experience marketing platform for brands. Increase visitor engagement online and drive connections in the real world.

Web embed into existing pages. By easily embedding a PlaceGuide into your site, with no impact to your web infrastructure, you can keep visitors engaged longer. Our stickiness is thanks to the broad range of open cloud media API’s that can be added over the geo-spatial layer without taking users offsite. You can’t do that with map apis
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Share local experiences, inspire others. With PlaceGuides’ social sharing functionality leads can extend the reach of your marketing message, and inspire others to explore and visit the location, improving opportunities to bring the buyer closer to your product.
Intuitive media publishing platform for content houses. Build engagement where your readers live, work and play.Intuitive media publishing platform for content houses. Build engagement where your readers live, work and play.
Cost-effective mapping made easy. We know that mapping is costly and time-consuming, which is why we’ve made it easy to integrate maps into your PlaceGuide. Select an ESRI map, swipe the area and drag it in or load your own image file. Drop customizable icon to showcase the location and add rich media content.
Be in control of the look and feel. Our platform is designed to support the needs of brands who want to express their own style. Customize the look and feel of the maps and icons to maintain your brand identity. Or, load your own files and icons to make a PlaceGuide
Create it once for the whole lifecycle. From inspiration and content creation to in-person connection, transaction and social sharing, our passion is creating amazing technology that facilitates great experiences throughout the marketing lifecycle.

Why PlaceGuides?

Our innovative platform for location-based marketing is simple to use, media integrated, mobile enabled, mapping ready and sharable. It’s built to provide a compelling experience that:

  • drives visitors to your real world location
  • provides targeted non-intrusive messaging at the right time
  • engages people with the heart of your offering or campaign
  • offers marketing metrics on engagement and real world visits
  • integrates location with content marketing that improves visitor efficiency